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Dream Kitchens

Vast range of quality kitchens with styles, materials, colours & finishes to suit all tastes & budgets!

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Superb top quality local kitchens & top notch service before, during & after your project is finished!

No Bad Surprises

Know ALL the costs upfront. Get one point of contact with the owner & one contract for both supply & installation!

Elevate Your Cooking Space with Our Professional Touch!

Imagine Without Limits!

Our Supply Partners

We forge partnerships with leading suppliers in the North West to craft exceptional kitchens, all while bolstering our local economy.

Select from a Wide Range of Kitchen Styles, Appliances, Colours & Materials.

Only Your Imagination Sets The Limit!

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Making Your Kitchen Dream a Reality is Our Driving Force!


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Our Service Excellence Guarantee to You!

We understand you’re investing a significant amount in your kitchen.

That’s why we ensure our products are worth your investment, clearly outline any additional preparation costs, provide a smooth installation process, and offer exceptional post-installation support.

Your Space Should Reflect Your Unique Style

  • You deserve a kitchen that reflects your unique style
  • Consider our bespoke designed and built solutions
  • Balancing functionality with elegance
  • A massive selection of materials, colours & finishes
  • We’re committed to 100% local supply and installation
  • We stand by the quality of our design, products & installs
Clear Cut Costs, Stress-Free Installation
  • You won’t face any hidden costs during your project
  • We carefully examine your installation area 
  • Including structural, plaster, electrics & plumbing aspects
  • All fitting, plumbing & electrical work done in house.
  • Clients know all costs before signing any contract
  • And get one comprehensive contract & contact 
  • Avoid issues with separate suppliers & installers
Dedication to Quality Service for Over 30 Years
  • Proudly serving our community for more than 30 years
  • Our reputation is something we deeply value
  • That’s why you’ll deal directly with the business owner
  • Local project management & oversight guaranteed
  • Avoid lack of accountability often seen in larger companies
  • We are a respected branch of S&M Plumbing & Heating

A selection of our 4.9 out of 5 score​ Which Reviews, Review all 95 here

From the planning, installation and the clearance of the site, I was impressed with the friendly, professional team. It was good to use a local company and I would strongly recommend them to others.

Pauline, Lancashire 

We had a brand new bathroom fitted. Ripped out the old one. Moved all the pipes around. Helped us design our new bathroom and fitted it in good time and at a price to suit our budget. Would really recommend them to anyone!

Customer in Greater Manchester 

Very pleased with the standard of workmanship. Very neat and tidy plumber called Tony, extremely trustworthy. Full team worked together would fully recommend using this company and I will use them again.

J, Lancashire

New bathroom. Service was great from start to finish. Clear itemized quote which they stuck to, Alan and Trevor turned up early and worked very hard, put in long days. Clean and tidy at the end of each day. Talented people, perfect workmanship, immaculate bathroom. Thanks very much.

Customer in Cheshire East 

S&M carried out a major refurbishment of my house, kitchen, downstairs toilet, main bathroom, weatherboards, gutters and new radiators over a 6-7 week period. This house now looks brilliant, all at S&M work also extremely friendly all through the project.

David, Lancashire

Mike the fitter did a great job in replacing our old tatty kitchen ceiling with a fantastic and clean looking new one which also included new LED lighting, he also replaced our old broken extractor fan with a new one. All old equipment and ceiling tiles plus rubble was removed. Would definitely use this company again.

Ron Royle

Kitchens Near Me – Look No Further

The kitchen is a crucial part of your home, a place where delicious meals are prepared, and memorable experiences are shared. For Denton residents eyeing a kitchen transformation, our expert services are the perfect choice.

Led by Mike Tanker, our Managing Director, our team specializes in budget-friendly kitchen updates, blending modern designs with functionality.

fitted kitchens

Our team of professional kitchen installers is dedicated to providing exceptional installations, making your ideal kitchen come to life.

Kitchen Supply & Installation Services 

Our primary goal is to offer people looking for kitchens near me with affordable kitchen renovations without compromising on quality. We aim to fulfil each homeowner’s unique kitchen vision within a budget that suits them.

Our fitted kitchens are competitively priced and transparently quoted, ensuring you receive outstanding value for your money.

We’re here to improve both the visual and functional aspects of your kitchen, providing the perfect solution for your needs.

Tailor-Made Kitchen Design

Recognising that each kitchen is distinct, we specialize in tailor-made kitchen designs that cater to your individual preferences.

Our team collaborates with you to understand your vision and lifestyle, crafting contemporary kitchen designs that reflect your personal taste.

From new kitchen units to cabinet upgrades, our customized approach ensures that every detail of your kitchen is designed and installed with precision and attention.

Prices For Fitted Kitchens Near Me

Our focus on custom kitchen design is matched by our transparent pricing for fitted kitchens. We believe in offering clear and comprehensive quotes, allowing you to fully understand the costs involved.

Our range of fitted kitchens comes in various styles, with an extensive quotation service to support your decision-making, suitable for a variety of preferences and budgets.

Estimates for Refurbishing Kitchens Near Me

We understand that kitchen refurbishment costs are a major consideration for homeowners.

Hence, we emphasize delivering economical solutions without sacrificing quality.

Our range of renovation services ensures you can achieve your desired makeover within your budget, backed by our skilled installers who guarantee lasting quality.

Renovation Specialists for Kitchens Near Me

As specialists in kitchen renovations, we are well-versed in the complexities of transforming a space.

Our team stays current with industry trends and innovations, ensuring your kitchen renovation is both visually attractive and functionally superior.

We are proud to be among the leading kitchen remodelling companies in Denton, Tameside, and Stockport, known for exceeding expectations.

Supply and Installation of Kitchens Near Me

Our relationships with high-quality kitchen suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and finishes for your kitchen project. We offer comprehensive supply and installation services, taking care of every aspect of your kitchen makeover.

For your benefit, our services ensure a smooth and efficient experience from start to finish.

Try Our Kitchen Services Now

If you’re looking for fitted kitchens near me that combine affordability, bespoke design, and quality installation, we are the perfect choice.

Our team of kitchen installation professionals is committed to bringing your dream kitchen to fruition.

Mastering Kitchen Renovation Excellence

The adventure of renovating a home kitchen is an invigorating process, encompassing several critical steps that are essential for a professional, top-tier result. The process includes diverse tasks such as building, plumbing, electrical enhancements, fitting, and installation, where each phase requires precise attention and skilled execution to convert a kitchen into a space that’s both functional and visually appealing.

Crucial Structural Modifications

Structural changes are often the initial phase of any kitchen remodelling endeavour. This phase can involve removing existing components, preparing for new features, and ensuring the kitchen’s structural reliability.

Professional contractors evaluate the layout, focus on critical load-bearing walls, and resolve structural issues before advancing. The construction phase is foundational for subsequent plumbing, electrical, and installation work, marking it as an essential step in a successful kitchen remodel.

Upgrading Plumbing

Efficient plumbing lies at the heart of a functional kitchen. During renovation, plumbing professionals review the existing system and implement necessary upgrades for new fixtures and appliances.

This may involve adjusting pipe layouts, installing new sinks and taps, and connecting water and waste lines for appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers. Proper drainage and resolving potential problems are key for a reliable, long-lasting plumbing system in the renovated kitchen.

Electrical System Revamp

A contemporary kitchen needs a well-planned electrical system for various appliances and lighting. Electricians are crucial in determining the kitchen’s electrical needs, setting up new outlets, switches, and ensuring all work is in line with electrical safety and wiring standards.

The electrical system upgrade might also include installing specific circuits for high-powered appliances like ovens and cooktops, ensuring a safe and efficient power supply for all kitchen operations.

Installation & Fitting Stage

The installation and fitting stage is when the kitchen renovation idea becomes tangible. This includes fitting cabinets, countertops, flooring, and other components that define the kitchen’s look and practicality. Expert fitters precisely measure and fit custom cabinets, optimizing storage and ensuring a flawless fit.

Countertops, whether granite, quartz, or other materials, are expertly installed, augmenting the kitchen’s visual appeal and lasting durability.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a vital aspect of kitchen renovation, starting with thorough inspections at each stage. Experts routinely verify that construction, plumbing, and electrical work adhere to safety and quality standards. In the fitting stage, meticulous attention to accuracy is fundamental. Re-measurements are conducted, and any variances are swiftly corrected to prevent future issues. To secure a professional, high-standard finish, rigorous quality control practices are implemented during installation. These consist of:

Exact Measurements – Precision is crucial in kitchen renovation. Accurate measurements are essential during fitting to ensure cabinets, countertops, and appliances integrate seamlessly.

Selection of Premium Materials – The finest materials are used in construction and installation, including robust cabinetry, top-tier countertops, and dependable plumbing and electrical parts. Premium materials contribute to the renovated kitchen’s durability and functionality.

Compliance With Regulations – All tasks adhere to building regulations and industry standards, ensuring occupant safety and the renovation’s longevity. Electrical and plumbing works especially follow stringent regulations to avoid potential hazards.

Operational Testing – After installation, every part of the kitchen is exhaustively tested for functionality. This includes verifying plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, and the correct functioning of appliances. Any issues detected are promptly resolved, ensuring a fully operational kitchen.

Detail-Oriented Finishing – The final phase of quality control involves an acute focus on finishing details. This includes making sure all surfaces are adequately sealed, hardware is tightly affixed, and every aspect aligns with the renovation’s design and operational objectives.

Engage Our Renovation Skills

Successful kitchen renovation demands expertise in various areas, from construction and plumbing to electrical work and installation. Quality control is integrated into each step to assure a professional, high-quality result. Focusing on precision, quality of materials, adherence to standards, functionality checks, and attention to finishing details, homeowners can anticipate a kitchen renovation that surpasses their expectations in both aesthetics and functionality.

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